Can you afford not to get fit?

group training session

Almost every single person in America has once tried to get “fit”. Yet only a small fraction actually succeed in the process. Why is this? It’s because of we, as Americans have no discipline. We know deep down inside that if we are consistent with our fitness routines and eating habits, that we can obtain a great physique. We all know what it takes to get fit, but taking action is the only way that anyone will ever achieve their dream body.

So how does one start taking action?

Unless you’re a superhuman and can maintain a high level of motivation at any given moment, then you probably need to start planning accordingly. Getting fit isn’t a matter of just going to the gym and eating right. It’s about knowing how often you need to go to the gym and how much food you need. There are many people who only exercise 3 days a week and still enjoy what they are eating. This is because they are mapping out accordingly what they need to do to maintain a level of fitness.

If you’re new to fitness or any type of exercise, you need to start small and acclimate your body. If you’re unsure of where to begin, finding a personal trainer in Sacramento is a place to start. Many who get involved with the idea of getting fit are usually extremely motivated and tend to go all out. Which usually ends in disaster. They push their body past their limits and often times, hurt themselves. Then the motivation wears off and they are back to their bad habits. Sound familiar? If this has happened to you in the past it’s because you haven’t plan accordingly.

How do you start planning?

Get a sheet of paper and pick 2-3 days out of the week and dedicate 45 minutes of those days to light exercise. On the 2nd-3rd week add in another day so that you’re exercising 3-4 days out of the week. Once you have been consistent with that you can start experimenting with different workouts. This is usually where many will get stuck in the same routine and hit a plateau. It suggested that you hire a personal trainer nearest you to help you get a good jump start.

Picking a personal trainer

While this step is optional, it is highly recommended and will save you A LOT of time. Rather than learning on your own, only to end up realizing that you’ve been doing things wrong, why not invest in a fitness expert to slice through your learning curve? While this method may be costly, doing some research in finding an affordable personal trainer in Sacramento can pay off. There are many trainers now offering free sessions when you book in bulk. Or group training (boot camp) that run as low as $20 a session. Use a variety of sources when searching for your trainer. Be sure to use sites such as Goog, Yelp, and Facebook.

Keeping a journal

Keeping a journal of your progress helps you measure your results. If you’re not getting the results you desire just simply look in your journal and see what you can change. Markdown everything. The types of exercises you do, the length of your workout, the foods your eating, how much food you’re eating etc. Getting fit is also how well you can discard things that aren’t working for you and continue what has been working for you.

While this is not an exhaustive guide, it is simply a guide to help beginners get a solid start on their fitness journey. The most important thing about fitness is that you learn to enjoy to process and not see the workouts as a chore or torture. Once you see even the slightest bit of results, you will understand how it can become addicting. Use that as momentum to fuel yourself into the best version of yourself.